How to remove your Apple Watch Bands, Safely!

How to remove your Apple Watch Bands, Safely!

Did you know that purchasing third party Apple Watch Bands doesn’t void your warranty?

We understand that maintaining and caring for your Apple Watch is important, after all, it is a asset to our daily lives.

Changing your Apple Watch bands, safely, can be done easily and with care, to give longevity to your Watch – check out the simple guide we’ve put below, about how to change your Apple Watch Bands safely –


Step 1

We suggest placing your Apple Watch face down on soft fabric or surface

To release your current apple watch band, place your Apple Watch face down on a soft surface (so you don’t scratch your watch), and push down the Apple Watch Button on the back.

Step 2 

Press and hold the release button on the backside of your Apple Watch

While continuing to hold the Apple Watch Band release button, slide off your current Apple Watch band to the right-hand side (if your Apple Watch is faced down)

Step 3

Repeat step two on the bottom band of your Apple Watch

The Apple Watch has two bands! Press and Hold the bottom release button of your Apple Watch, to release the bottom band, sliding it to the right or left (depending on how you are holding or viewing your device, while holding the button!

Step 4 

Slide in the new bands to your Apple Watch

Now that you’ve removed both bands, you can attach your new bands to your Apple Watch! Slowly and steadily attach the new bands to your device, we suggest doing this with care, as they should slide in smoothly – just make sure you have the bands as you wish you wear your watch!

Now that you’ve removed and reattached your new Apple Watch Bands, enjoy the new look you’ve brought to your watch, change them regularly, to suit any activity or outfit that your day presents you!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our team, as we can help you modify and change your Apple Watch Bands in no time!

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